Safety And Fall Prevention For Seniors

bed alarms for elderlyGrandma and Grandpa’s steps seem to miss a beat these days, causing them to stumble once in a while Do you remember the times when they were physically fit enough to run around the park chasing maybe you and your siblings? Nowadays you may notice that they ask everyone to please make room for them to get by or get around you or something else that they cannot maneuver themselves.

The time has come to consider taking some serious safety precautions and fall prevention measures to help reduce the risks of danger for your aging loved ones. Start by following these important steps:

1. Install railings that are easy to hold on to and at the right level necessary for them to be stable and balanced. Installing metal or wooden rails that are covered with rubber is a great idea for providing a good grip for preventing falls, reducing the speed of a fall and or helping to regain footing after a fall.

2. Cover all ceramic, marble, stone and wood floors with safer material and padding such as carpet. If you are having a carpet installed for this measure of safety, double-check the installation before you agree that the carpet has been installed successfully. The reasoning for a close check of the installation is because if not installed properly and securely it can bunch up while walking across the surface and cause very devastating falls.

3. The removable rubber bathroom and shower mats that we are accustomed to using as younger adults should be removed and then replaced with a special non-slip coating which covers the full bottom of the shower and tub areas. If you are able to afford to purchase installation of one or more of the many special senior tub designs that have a built-in door that seals in the water, a built-in seat and sturdy hand bars, it would be well worth the investment to keep your elderly family member(s) safe.

4. Much of what is in our homes has existed for so long that we have had no need to think twice about if they are obstacles that can cause harm to older and less mobile people. Obstacles that have become harmful should be removed immediately for the sake of safety. Make sure that coffee tables and end tables are properly positioned to allow for enough space to walk around comfortably.

The above fall prevention steps can make a big difference in your senior safety plan. There are a number of other measures to consider and implement also. Taking care of what has been mentioned above will be a fantastic start which will not only contribute to the safety of your current elderly family member, these measures will also already be in place for you, your parents or any other senior(s) that may occupy the dwelling in the future.

While you are at it, also consider other senior care products such as alert buttons and a bed alarm for emergency situations where someone needs to be contacted immediately.

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