Important Things to Know about Rotator Cuff Injuries Treatment

Fortunately, many people that suffer from rotator cuff injuries don’t have to undergo surgery. Other treatments can help you overcome this particular problem. On the other side, if you have experienced a severe harm, the only way repair this is through rotator cuff surgery. Many factors determine whether you need surgical treatment and in this article, we’ll familiarize and explain them to you. However, reading this article isn’t enough to know for sure if you need surgery. A doctor must make these factors into consideration and make the final decision.

Factors that Determine Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatment

A patient with an injured rotator tendon is always first treated with non-surgical methods. These methods can include injection of anti-inflammatory medications such as steroids or cortisone injections. Other, very important part of treatment is physical therapy and proper exercises. Most shoulder injuries are successfully treated through when these methods of treatment are combined and properly balanced. Also, except for a balanced treatment routine, it is vital for the patient to have enough rest.


If these non-surgical methods aren’t successful in treating the patient, the only option left is surgery. Rotator cuff surgery doesn’t have to be big and complicated, it all depends on the severity of your injury. One of the crucial factors that determine whether you will undergo the operation is the degree of the symptoms experienced and expressed by the patient. If your symptoms are minimal, the doctor will decide on physical therapy and medications, while if you show a higher degree of symptoms, you probably have a severe tear that must be treated surgically.

Non-Surgical Procedure

A paramedic and your doctor will monitor a small rotator cuff tear to notice if your injury worsens. If your state is stable, the odds of being successfully treated without operation are in your favor. As we mentioned, the core of successful non-surgical treatment is the proper balance between medical and physical therapy, as well as your rest. For example, small tears can be alleviated and treated only with physical therapy. Larger tears are a little bit more complex to manage because they need early interventions. If you don’t treat the injury on time, you might end up with a shortened tendon and permanently weakened muscle. So make sure you don’t wait a single day when you get injured. Visit the doctor immediately! In heavier cases, early surgery is essential for successful recovery.

Surgical Treatment

Extensive treatment like a rotator cuff operation is required if you experience an extreme amount of pain in your shoulder, arm and elbow. Besides severe, constant pain, an indication for surgery is also a difficulty in performing some daily activities like combing your hair, grabbing an object or just moving your arm. If the pain interferes with daily activities, you will have to undergo surgery.

There are many different types of rotator cuff operations, and your doctor is the only one that can inform you about the potential benefits and risks of the procedure because every injury is unique. After the operation, you will need to recover at least half a year, but most recoveries typically last about a full year. Before the surgery, it is wise to plan ahead how you will spend that amount of time. Your body can tell you how much time you’ll need. How intense your body reacted to the trauma can also show you how well it will respond to the surgery and recovery process. Your body must be strong to endure the surgery and rehabilitation process that comes afterward. You will be aided with physical therapy routines that will intensify gradually. After the surgery you must take a lot of rest, you will need a lot of time to recover but only this way you’ll get the most positive outcome.

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