Important Steps in Preparing For Your DWI Defenses in Houston

During the time between your DWI arrest and the trial, there are certain things you need to be doing in order to prepare for the trial. There are also steps you could take if you want to demonstrate your active willingness to change your behavior before the trial.

Alcohol and/or drug assessments

When you are arrested for DWI, it does not necessarily mean that you are an alcoholic, it could have been a rare night lout with some old friends and you hadn’t even realized you were impaired. Still, your DWI lawyer could decide that you need to take an alcohol and drug assessment. If the tests determine that you actually do have an alcohol or drug problem, it will be in your best interest to follow any recommendations in terms of treatment. If you are an alcoholic, you could join organizations like the Alcoholics Anonymous or go to an alcohol treatment center. If the tests show that you don’t have an alcohol problem, the evidence will be used during the trial or even before as leverage to have the charges either reduced or completely dropped. You should hire the best DWI lawyer you can find.

Your Driving History

Your driving history is one of the most important things the lawyer will need from you, especially when you have any other outstanding violations or unpaid fees. It will be imperative that all this issues are solved well before the trial. This will help your attorney in negotiating your case with your prosecutor and will also look good on your part if found guilty during sentencing leniency. It would be wise to choose one of the best Houston lawyers you can locate.


Prior DWI convictions

When you are charged with your first DWI and you have no prior convictions on record then it will likely be a simple class B misdemeanor. There will be no jail time involved nut if you are convicted, you will be likely to lose your driver’s license, face fines and you will be needed to complete an impaired driving course. If you have a conviction within the past 100 years, the case will carry a subsequent mandatory jail sentence. Even if the past conviction was in a different state, the case will still be against you if that case was of reasonably equivalent offense.



Your DWI defense case will definitely need money. You will incur court fees, attorney fees, bonds to help you out of jail, tests payments, alcohol treatment and potential counseling. After conviction, you will pay for court ordered classes and might have to install an ignition lock on the vehicle. You could also be required to carry auto insurance, which is pretty expensive for a person with a DWI record. Your DUI attorney will explain everything to you.

Court appearance

It is of utmost importance that you appear in court on schedule. You will have to make multiple appearances and you will be fines if you fail to show up. You could also have your licence suspended if it wasn’t already and have a warrant for your arrest. If you are not careful, a trial could drag on even for years.


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