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The National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that in 2014, 1 and a half million people ages 12 and above have used cocaine. The data is roughly 0.6% of the total population in the United States. On the other hand, the use of opioids and heroin are increasing while the use of cocaine has been declining. In part, the decrease of cocaine is due to the drug not giving a very cost-effective “high.” In addition, a recent National Drug Survey noted that on the average, a gram of cocaine costs $78.

  • Using user-submitted data and the U.N. World Drug Report as a reference, the black-market website Havocscope released a compilation on the worldwide costs of cocaine.
  • Topping the chart was cocaine in Kuwait, which averaged $330/gram.
  • The lowest price of cocaine exists in Colombia, which costs $3.50/gram.

The farther from the sources Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia where coca plants are mostly harvested, the more costly it becomes.

There is a wide range of not only cocaine prices, but even alcohol all over the world. For instance, the price of cocaine in Australia is an outrageous $300/gram. However, in Colombia or Bolivia, the most that you will pay for cocaine would be less than one Big Mac.

The cost of cocaine in the United States also varies from $8-$300 depending on your location. The drug is mostly cheaper in Los Angeles, California since it is nearer the border than in other areas. The cost also depends on the cut as cocaine is commonly diluted to increase profit. In source countries, a gram of cocaine can go as low as $3-5 mainly because of high supply and also because there are no importation costs.

The price may appear to be just enough to the uninitiated, but remember that one gram of cocaine can yield 7-10 “lines” with an average user consuming about half a gram in one use. On the other hand, heavy users usually double their consumption to one or more gram and in more frequency usually once a week.

It’s no wonder that even addiction treatment centers like the one in your area has concluded cocaine to be the most expensive of all the “party” drugs if an average user can obtain one use for $2. Take note that although cocaine is mostly cheaper in South American countries, the cost is multiple times more in Australia and Europe. 

Importing cocaine from the source country to other countries is often difficult.

Although custom officers may not appear to be doing anything as cocaine is still available in a lot of countries, smuggling large quantities of the drug is actually very laborious. When it comes to countries like New Zealand and Australia, both islands are essentially very heavily secured on the borders, making smuggling drugs there almost impossible. Therefore, once the drugs are smuggled, the cost can be up to 10x more than in source countries.

There are currently efforts to eradicate the source of different drugs like methamphetamine and  cocaine from its source countries. However, it has been noted that the marked up costs of cocaine made available in the United States may only be affected by less than 1% if this happens.

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