Does Hair Restoration works and It’s Benefits

People are adopting Hair Restoration because Hair Falling problems are increasing and People Feels embarrassed when Hair fall in front of any other person.

Some people believe that Hair restoration doesn’t work and some Beleive it works so now for this confusion I have one article which is Written by Lisa Sefcik n

Does Laser Hair Restoration Work?

Laser hair restoration spurred a heated debate between conventional hair restoration surgeons and providers of laser therapies. By the time the “New York Times” reported on a nonsurgical way to restore thinning follicles called “photobiostimulation” in June 2005, laser hair restoration had already been featured on primetime news shows like “Dateline NBC.” Despite media attention and heavy marketing of in-office treatments and laser hair combs for at-home use, medical experts and professional hair loss organizations are skeptical about the efficacy of laser hair restoration.


When interviewed by the “New York Times,” dermatologist Sandy Tsao, an instructor at Harvard Medical School, expressed skepticism. Lasers have been primarily used to remove hair–not encourage regrowth. However, Tsao indicated that when lasers were used to remove hair at inadequate energy, hair growth was noted. “So now the theory is, if you can stimulate the follicle to reactivate hair cells, you can get new hair growth,” Tsao says. Dr. Alan Bauman, who was featured on “Dateline,” calls laser hair restoration “low laser light therapy,” or LLLT. Bauman explains that the laser light is absorbed by cells, which in turn repairs them and encourages regrowth. According to the “New York Times” article, laser hair restoration won’t bring dead hair follicles back to life; however, it will stimulate follicles in the state of decline and make existing hair thicker and fuller. Read Full Article Here…

One another example is here by Mr. Rob Angelino on where he shared his Experience of Hair Restoration.

Don’t Be Scared of Laser Hair Restoration

It’s never good to see your hairline gradually climbing north. Losing much of your hair may be hard to swallow, but a laser hair restoration specialist may have something to say about that. Although you may think having a laser beam work over your hair is scary, there are reasons not to.

First, a laser hair restoration procedure works for patients afflicted with serious medical conditions such as cancer, in which the treatments can trigger hair loss. A lack of donor hair impedes transplant efforts; laser restoration allows the hair to at least have a chance to grow. Patients suffering from various forms of alopecia can also take advantage of this. Read Full Article Here…

We found one review video on Youtube, In which user did Laser Hari Restoration and compared both before and after results live on camera.

These results are looking real and I hope now you don’t feel anything wrong with these treatments.

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