Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Extensions are not easy all the times, if you’ve ever had them yourself then you can attest to this but with that being said they will make a dramatic difference in your overall look. Here are just a few of the common complaints we hear from fellow women who have someone else’s beautiful locks in their hair.
natural looking hair extensions
1. Hair extensions are expensive. If you want to exercise with someone else’s hair then you’re going to have
to open your wallet and it’s not cheap. Make sure you know what you’re paying for because not all extensions are created equal!

2. Extensions need some continuous love. You can’t just simply wash your hair, air dry and expect not to turn your hair into a giant knot. Depending on how your extensions are added you’ll need to take extra special care of them.

3. Your significant other can’t pull… Now this is a deal breaker for some woman and for good reason. You’re not love life might lose a little of the thrill because you’re boyfriend won’t be allowed to touch this $500+ investment.

4. Add’s weight. Your hair will now feel significantly more heavy, the most often voiced complaint is the intense stress it puts on the roots of your hair.

5. Get ready to be overheated. Just imagine adding extra layers of clothes, that’s exactly what you’re doing to your head.

6. It’s a challenge to wash. Add an extra 15min to your normal shampoo and conditioner routine, not to mention the drying process.

8. Getting tangled. If you’re not careful your extensions can become tangled fairly easily.


Now I know what you’re thinking, that sounds awful. Trust me when I say it’s not all bad and to be honest if you feel like you need extensions then you will happily do whatever it takes to have them. For some most women it’s just the nature of the beast and well worth the investment. For more information on hair extensions and all things related to hair visit Sassi Salon –

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