Disability Living Allowance for children.

Disability Living Allowance is available for children who are under 16 years of age. The benefit amount given depends on the assessment given to the child to determine the level of support they require. The benefit amount ranges from £21.80 to  £139.75 per week.


For a child to be eligible then they must have a disability or health condition that; gives them difficulty moving about and requires them to be given more care than a child of the same age without the disability. Besides this then the child should also have lived in Great Britain for two of the last three years if they are over three years and be habitual residents of the UK. The child should not be subject to immigration control. When under control one is not allowed to apply for benefits because their status is usually not very permanent as residents of the UK. For a terminally ill child the rules on residence do not apply. The child should have had the difficulties at least for three months.

Components of DLA for children

There are two components which can be given in the DLA for children which are the care component and the mobility component.

Care component

The package given depends on the how much the child needs looking after. The rates given in the care component are the lowest rate, middle and highest rate. For the highest rate then the child requires constant supervision throughout the day and night or they are diagnosed not to live for more than 6 months. For the lowest rate the supervision required is minimal.

Mobility component

The package given depends on the level of assistance they require to get about.  For the highest rate the child cannot walk long distances without being affected severely or if they are totally blind have severe visual impairments.

Making a claim

A claim is made by filling out a form. The form is also available in other formats like Braille and audio CD.The claim is done by anyone who is taking care of the child including siblings, foster parents and guardians. The claim cannot be backdated and it takes 40 days to process. When a decision has been reached the parent may appeal that decision if they are not satisfied. The appeal is made to the social security and child support tribunal.

When the child turns 16

When the child turns 16 they will receive a letter asking them to apply for PIP, the Disability Living Allowance for adults. Theletter will have the instructions and the timeline by which to apply. If they don’t apply by that time then

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