Dealing with Your Back Pain in a Healthy Way

Unfortunately, more than 75% of Americans suffer from back pain. Imagine than how many people suffer from back pain across the world. It isn’t hard dealing with occasional pain that occurs when we have a bad sleep or a hard day at work, but when it exceeds to chronic pain, it can seriously affect your entire life, both physically and mentally.

Chronic back pain can be very hard to deal with, especially if it’s triggered by an activity that usually involves sudden rapid getting up (even from a chair) or lifting something heavy. This can actually happen whenever we bend down or get up. The pain is mostly being described as sharp and piercing through the bones. Back pain can become so frustrating that many people are afraid they won’t feel normal ever again. If you have problems with frequent back pain, you should go to the doctor immediately! Early interventions are crucial for preventing the development of a chronic condition that often ends with surgery or extensive use of drugs.


In order to deal with and treat your back pain as well as your sciatica you have to combine physical activities (that necessarily include core strengthening exercises) with physical therapy. If you try to be active through the whole day, your back pain will abate. If you rest too much in your bed, your muscles will get too relaxed and your bones would have to carry the greater body weight than your muscles. Healthy and strong muscles are very important for not to overburden your skeleton. The best natural medicine for your pain is activity. Proper exercises can easily prevent invasive methods of lower back pain treatment and they can also prevent your back pain to worsen. Of course, you should always move in moderation, because as you’re aware, sudden movement can cause you more pain. Also avoid activities that caused you pain in the first place. Start with something simple like walking or taking a light jog. Work on your abs – they help you correct your posture and evenly distribute your weight between your muscles and skeleton. You should check with your doctor to get a personal exercise plan.


 It is also very important to maintain a good posture, if you have a bad posture you unnecessarily put more strain on your back. This is especially felt in your back when you’re sitting incorrectly or when you’re leaning over and when you’re bending down. When you bend down always bend your knees, not only your back. You should also work on improving your flexibility by stretching daily. Stretch in the morning when you get up and in the evening before you go to sleep.

If you need to ease your pain, try combining warm and cold packs to relieve your pain. First apply the ice pack then switch to warm pack. If only one of these two helps you, you can use only cold or warm pledgets. Also, the position you sleep can help you relieve pain. A simple pillow can help you sleep better – if you sleep on your back, put pillows under your knees and if you sleep on your side put pillows between your knees.


Lastly, we warmly recommend you to meditate and do yoga – it can really do wonders for your physical and mental health.

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