Benefits of Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal

We all make mistakes. Typically, people tend to make a few more mistakes when they go out drinking for the night. If you are lucky, your biggest mistake will be that you drank a little too much or gave your number to a creepy guy. Some bigger mistakes that you should try to avoid, include drinking and driving and getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo is not necessarily a bad thing, but getting a tattoo when you have been drinking is just not a good idea. Since alcohol thins your blood, you will bleed more, and you might make a mistake by visiting a tattoo artist that does not have a great reputation or even misspell the name of something. On the bright side though, if you are drunk when you get a tattoo, you may be a little numb to the pain.

If you do make the mistake of getting a tattoo when you have been drinking, there is a good chance you will want to get laser tattoo removal. Some people choose to live with the mistake. Especially if it is a small tattoo in a hidden place, it may not be worth spending the money on laser tattoo removal. If it is a big tattoo in an obvious place, however, then you will want to consider tattoo removal.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal will require a different number of sessions depending on the size of the tattoo. Smaller tattoos could take between two and four visits to be removed, but some tattoos take as many as ten visits to a specialist. When you go in for a visit, you will go through the same process each time. First, you will need to put on some protective eye wear. The specialist will take a handheld device that will emit the lasers directly onto your skin. Most patients say that Baltimore advanced laser tattoo removal feels like you are getting a series of grease splatters or a number of rubber bands snapping against your skin. While this is not a pleasant feeling, most people say that the pain is nothing compared to the pain when getting the tattoo. After each visit, your tattoo will become lighter and lighter. Right after each treatment, you will need to apply an ice pack to the affected area. You should also apply a topical ointment and a bandage over the treated area to protect it.

What are the possible side effects?

There are not very many side effects when it comes to laser tattoo removal, but there are some risks. First, the

treated area will be more susceptible to infection.You will also face the possibility of complete removal of your pigment in the area or a permanent scar from the laser treatment. Hyperpigmentation (darker skin around the area) and hypopigmentation (lighter skin) are also possibilities.

Laser tattoo removal is one of the safest ways to have your tattoo removed. Of course, the safest course of action is to keep the tattoo for the rest of your life, but while 25% of the US population has a tattoo, 50% of those people choose to get it removed at some point in their lives.